Jewellery Repairs

Donna Laine Jewellery Repairs

Our workshops in Bournemouth and Birmingham house some of the most experienced jewellers in the industry. Family trained over three generations they work with a mix of traditional tools and the very latest laser technology to manufacture and repair all types of Gold and Silver jewellery.

With a pricing structure that guarantees we are the least expensive location for jewellery repairs in Winchester we are the number one destination for jewellery repairs. Don’t compromise on quality and don’t pay more than you should. For the best value for money bring it into our shop and we will have it back to you in double quick time.

We offer a complete rhodium plating service within our own workshop which generally only takes a few days and will result in your white gold jewellery being restored to an as new condition.

As part of our rhodium plating service we will polish your item of jewellery to remove all scratches and traces of the old rhodium plating. It is very important to remove the old rhodium plating as this will give a very dull and patchy appearance if left on the item.

After the scratches and old rhodium plating have been removed your item of jewellery will be polished to a brilliant shine as the rhodium will only be as bright as the polished finish below.

After the polish has been completed, we then immerse the jewellery in to an electrolysis chemical cleaner to further enhance the item and remove any finger prints which can show as dark patches on your jewellery if not removed.

Finally we can now add the all important coat of rhodium plating restoring your jewellery to the day that it was purchased.

Our prices for rhodium plating are generally £35 for most rings and other small items of white gold jewellery, and £50 for larger items such as heavy bracelets etc.

We use a new formulated ultra bright rhodium plating which is far superior to the basic rhodium plating used by most. 


We restring all types of necklaces and bracelets including cultured and natural Pearls and precious and semi-precious stones. Just drop it into the shop and we’ll have it back around your neck, or wrist in no time. 

We also sell Pearl Cleaner to keep your pearls in fabulous condition.

When looking after Pearls keep them in a soft pouch.

Alternatively, if your jewellery has lost its lustre then contact us today about our polishing services, to help restore the shine to your favourite jewellery.

Gold on silver should be treated like gold, until the plating wears off. Other plated items and costume jewellery can be damaged by polishing, so leave them alone.

Only polish items which should have a shiny surface. If the piece has a matt or satin finish; do not polish, but you can remove discolouration with a soft eraser. Scratches cannot be treated at home. If you want the finish restored, take it to a jeweller.

This metal is too hard to polish at home. However this hardness means it will last for years before losing its shine. When it needs re-polishing, take it to a jeweller.

Yellow or red gold won't tarnish under normal conditions. However certain chemicals - some used in medicines, others in products like bleach - will cause discolouration. You can't deal with this problem at home, your jeweller can help.

With time, white gold may turn yellow; again seek help from your jeweller.

In normal wear gold gets scratched. Rub steadily with a Silver (or Jewellery) Polishing Cloth, and its appearance will be somewhat improved. However you will not be able to achieve the brilliant polish of a new item. If you want the item restored to that condition, take it to your jeweller.


We are able to size any size ring in any of the precious metals.
White Gold 9ct or 18ct

New Stones, Replacement Stones or Loose stones can be set. 
Please contact us for a quote.

Worried about how thin your ring has worn. Fear not we are able to offer, new shanks, 1/2shanks, 3/4shanks, in 9ct & 18ct yellow gold, white gold , platinum and Palladium. Whatever is required to make your ring look like new.